wellness starts within


What if you could press a reset button and give yourself

A Fresh start?

What is holding you back from living your happiest, healthiest life? Do you: ~ Lack the motivation to do the things you know will help? ~ Simply not know where to start? ~ Tell yourself stories that don't serve your best interest? Perhaps it's a combination of these. If so, you're not alone.


Sarah is a client who experienced profound change and success physically, mentally, and emotionally during the 12 week program in 2019 . 

She created this  inspiring testimonial video  and posted it on social media.  

Thank you, Sarah. 

Here is your reset button...

 Intimately understand and connect with yourself in ways you never have before.  Identify the root cause of what holds you back... and release what no longer serves you. Reevaluate your priorities, your goals, your self-worth. Learn to talk to yourself using empowering language and create momentum to move yourself forward. Take small steps to unlearn old habits and reestablish new ways of living with love, strength, abundance, and gratitude.   

THIS is your fresh start. 

lack vs abundance - we create our experiences

lack vs abundance - we create our experiences

Are you ready?

Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule an Introductory Session with Donna.  

Here are the details:

  • Once you've registered by clicking the link below, Donna will personally contact you to schedule your session.  
  • Your introductory session will be via phone and will cover your unique health history, goals, challenges, and appropriate guidance. 
  • It is the perfect way to get valuable feedback while experiencing what the coaching process feels like. 
  • Your introductory session will last 90 minutes, followed by an email to summarize what was covered in your session and any suggestions your coach has to help you move forward in your journey. 
  • Should you decide to opt in to a full 12 week program within 30 days, your $99 fee will be applied to the cost of that program.
  • Introductory sessions are intended to be a one-time opportunity for those who have not yet experienced our coaching process. 
  • Introductory sessions are limited to one per person. 
  • Two sessions may be purchased for a couple considering the couple's program.

Click here to schedule a 90 minute introductory session