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Our new podcast 'BUTTERFLY EFFECT' COMING IN 2019!

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The new podcast channel...

Why the changes? Well, like everyone, I'm on a personal journey. I believe that to be the best coach and guide for others, I MUST remain open to my own internal changes, to letting go of the stuff that I have outgrown. 

First, thanks so much for listening to our Mindful Mondays episodes in 2018. Mindful Mondays were a nice beginning and I learned a LOT about myself and my audience. It helped me to better clarify and define what I believe is my purpose and my message here on this incredibly wondrous planet Earth.  I found a deepening sense of humility and connection as I spoke during each episode throughout the series. (After I got past the discomfort of hearing my own voice on the recordings!)

That said, I discovered that although the words and ideas expressed during the podcast were authentic, I was delivering them in a way that didn't always feel completely "me". This lead me to conduct some deep inner investigating and I learned that I was attempting to present myself in a way that I believed was what my audience wanted. This wasn't necessarily true and not necessarily congruent with how I naturally present myself. That may sound kind of simple and easy, but trust me when I say...it was challenging.  This brought me to take a step back, regroup, and acknowledge some inner truths. 

Allowing myself to go through that process and tune in to my inner voice on a deeper level made room for new ideas to flow. As a result a more edgy, bold, fun project began to take form. 

Butterfly Effect  will address the importance of balance, mindfulness, and connection just like Mindful Mondays, but will add in controversial topics about food and the food industry, water, the practices of big business and government, and even some kick-ass music!  We'll talk about clean eating and non toxic living, minimalism, RV and nomadic lifestyle, off-grid living, cool philanthropic stuff and so...much...more!  I will interview inspiring people of influence and up and coming people of influence who are doing crazy awesome stuff and living lives of purpose with passion for the betterment of everyone. 

These are topics that light me up and THAT is what I want to share with you! So, stay tuned!  Butterfly Effect will be hitting your eardrums in the very near future. Thanks for listening! Peace & Love.


mindful mondays - 25 episode collection from 2018

Donna's insights and guidance to help you build a mindfulness practice in today's busy world.