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Workshops & Web Classes

We offer various live events and live and prepared courses and workshops online. These events provide an experiential opportunity to learn more about nutrition, mindfulness and meditation relating to specific topics such as stress reduction for busy parents, wellness for those in recovery, corporate wellness events and many others. 

From small gatherings to large corporate events, Our retreats, workshops and web classes are a great way to develop insights and find resources to help make immediate improvements to your life while enjoying an inspiring and relaxing experience. 

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Our Working Philosophy

 Our programs are all designed to assist individuals to reduce stress, gain self awareness, get required nutrition  and empower decisions that support overall wellness. 

Our programs are tailored to your specific individual needs & circumstances. 

At Wellness Starts Within we believe that your progress and healing depends on identifying the unique choices that have brought you to where you are today. Through that awareness, you develop a sense of  understanding and empowerment to let go of the things that no longer serve you.  

This allows room to create space for new ideas,  experiences & perspectives to enjoy the present moment as you journey toward where you'd like to be. 

This stands true as a universal practice. Whether you struggle with weight loss, for example, or your company's morale is suffering.

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Wellness Coaching One-on-One

Our proprietary wellness coaching programs are based online with weekly, personal one hour sessions via phone with Donna.  

Because every body is different and every situation is unique, your coaching sessions will develop at a pace and in a direction that is most beneficial for you. And, although some of our methods and practices are founded in certain schools of thought, there is no standardized program that we attempt to fit you into. Our work together is all about you. 

Coaching is available in 8 week, 12 week, 6 month and annual programs.

 You are invited to schedule a FREE discovery session so we can explore options together and decide if wellness coaching is a good fit for you!    

*International calls are conducted via Skype or other video chat such as Facebook. 

 Ask about our couples and families coaching programs, too!  

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Now Offering Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation

We offer group energy healing on the beach at sunset with sound and aroma therapy as well as meditation.  Watch for upcoming events or contact us today to schedule a private group session*.  

(*minimum 6 people)