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Seasonal 5 DAY Body Cleanse

 In addition to our regular coaching programs, we offer a seasonal 5 day holistic body cleanse unlike any detox available.

No shakes, no gimmicks, just real food & real help. 

Our 5 day body cleanse is perfect for beginners, anyone starting a weight loss program or if you'd simply like to give your body a nice little reboot!

If you'd like to participate in our next 5 day cleanse, call or email today to get registered!  We offer the 5 day body cleanse in January, April, July and October. 

Workplace Wellness

Our Workplace Wellness programs provide insight and solutions to common workplace issues such as negativity, lack of performance and overused sick time. Our wellness centered programs are designed to engage positive company culture, reduce stress and improve overall wellness and function of your team through individual value, health and communication. 

We offer custom programs depending upon the needs of your business. Our Healing Healers program is specifically targeted at the unique challenges faced by medical personnel and emergency rescue workers. 

Call or email today to schedule a FREE detailed conversation about how our Workplace Wellness programs can help your business!

Speaking Engagements

Donna will inspire your team! 

Invite Donna to speak at your event or place of business. 

From yoga festivals to corporate events, Donna offers a refreshing approach to motivating, approaching sales and working from the inside out.  

Call or email with details about your event or to book Donna today! 

Our Working Philosophy


Our programs are all designed to assist individuals to reduce stress, gain self awareness, get required nutrition  and empower  decisions that support overall wellness. 

Our programs are tailored to your specific individual needs & circumstances. 

At Wellness Starts Within we believe that your progress depends on identifying the unique choices that have brought you to where you are today. Through that awareness, you develop a sense of  understanding and empowerment to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This stands true as a universal practice, whether for an individual's weight loss, for example, or a company's management methods. This allows room to create space for new ideas,  experiences & perspectives to enjoy the present moment as you journey toward where you'd like to be. 

Business Partnerships

 If you own a yoga studio,  chiropractic practice, acupuncture practice, wellness center, fitness facility or  other holistic or wellness focused service and would like to partner with Donna to expedite your patients' or clients' healing, call today to schedule a meeting either in person or via phone or video chat.

Donna will partner with you to provide blog content, videos and special events at your location.  If you would like to be a contributing writer or vlogger on Donna's blog or youtube channel, let's talk about your ideas! We help others by helping each other! 

Wellness Coaching one-on-one

 You are invited to schedule a FREE health history consultation so we can explore options together and decide if wellness coaching is a good fit for you!   

Our proprietary wellness coaching programs are based online with weekly, personal one hour sessions via phone or Skype with Donna. You'll have access to our Facebook group and receive weekly structured plans, activities & information via email. 

Coaching is available in 8 week, 12 week, 6 month and annual programs.

Payments may be made monthly, however, we offer a discount for 6 month and annual programs when paid in full at the start of your program. 

 Ask about our couples and families coaching programs, too!